Basic Policies Against Anti-Social Forces

In order to prevent damages caused by “Anti-Social Forces”, which include, but are not limited to, groups or individuals who use violence, force, threats and fraudulent methods to pursue economic benefits, First Bothers Co., Ltd. and its group companies (“FB”) hereby define the following basic policies:

FB will not pursue, forge, or establish any relationships whatsoever with Anti-Social Forces.
FB will establish close cooperative relationships with external specialists, such as the police, Center for the Elimination of Bouryokudan (Organized Crime Group), legal counsel, etc., and will take an organized, institutional and appropriate approach to prevent potential damages caused by Anti-Social Forces.
FB will strongly refuse any unjustified demands by Anti-Social Forces, and will resolutely take legal measures towards such claims.
FB will never engage in any financing for anti-social forces or engage in back room deal negotiations with Anti-Social Forces.
FB will ensure the safety of any employee who deals with any unjustified demands made by Anti-Social Forces.

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