Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

First Brothers recognizes that distributing profits to shareholders is an important management responsibility.
Our basic policy is to consistently and continuously payout a year-end dividend regardless of short-term earnings performance. In principle, we aim to attain a dividend on equity ratio (DOE) of 2.0%.

Base Date Payment Date
November 30 February

Dividend History

Base period Dividend per Share
FY2022 ¥30.00
FY2021 ¥27.00
FY2020 ¥24.00
FY2019 ¥21.00
FY2018 ¥18.00
FY 2017 ¥15.00
FY 2016
(1st Dividend Payment)
(Ordinary: ¥25.00)
(Commemorative: ¥25.00)

NOTE: FY 2016 refers to the fiscal year ended November 30, 2016, and other fiscal years are referred to in a corresponding manner.
※We conducted a 2-for-1 stock split on September 1, 2017. FY 2016 dividend amounts indicate the figures prior to this split.

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