About our group

Our Client-first Investment Approach

Our group provides investment services with a client-first approach in accordance with our corporate philosophy that calls on us to be “leading professionals.” The varied needs of our clients are ascertained through detailed interviews by highly experienced professionals in order to harness collective efforts among our personnel and to pursue the best results at all times. This approach allows us to meet the expectations of our clients and to build a long-term, trusting relationship with them.

Ability to Assess and Manage Real Estate Investments

Since the founding of our company in 2004, the environment of the Japanese real estate market has gone under considerable change. Regardless of the market conditions, the First Brothers Group has always assessed investments with a calm mindset and approach required for professionals, and invested according to a performance-first belief. Consequently, our record of accomplishment translates to our confidence in our group and is also a source of the our competitive advantage. When investing, we take the initiative to proactively manage investments and maximize value rather than simply acquire and sell real estate without modification. Our key investment targets consist of offices, residences, and commercial facilities. Because of the complexity of operations, especially for commercial facilities, the ability of the operator is reflected in the performance of the asset. Since the value of these investment targets can potentially rise to a significant degree, if various measures are taken, this is an area in which we with extensive experience in managing commercial facilities enjoy a distinct competitive advantage.

A Family of Financial and Real Estate Professionals

The First Brothers Group is home to personnel active in the frontline of this industry since the dawning of the new era of securitization of real estate in Japan. Our group of professionals include accountants, real estate appraisers, attorneys, and other specialized experts.

Corporate History

February 2004 First Brothers Co., Ltd. established to provide investment banking services
December 2004 Investment management business commenced
November 2008 Properties Co., Ltd. (Now: First Brothers Capital Co., Ltd.) started its operations
December 2011 First Brothers Asset Management Co., Ltd., established to begin operations as a subsidiary specializing in asset management
June 2012 Unimo Management Co., Ltd., established to specialize in asset management services
February 2015 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
June 2015 First Brothers Capital Co., Ltd. became a specialized entity to focus on proprietary investments
October 2016 Transferred stock listing market from Mothers to First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
April 2019 Higashinihon Fudosan Co.,Ltd. Joined the First Brothers Group
October 2021 From First Hotels Co., Ltd. commenced the operation of hotels and other lodging facilities
April 2022 Moved from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the Prime Market, due to the market restructuring of the exchange
October 2023 Transferred stock listing market to the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Our Business

Investment management business

Our core business involves receiving deposits of funds from our clients and setting up, and managing, private funds for which real estate is treated as a key target of investments.

Asset management operations

We provide investment services targeting real estate for our clients on a one-stop basis. Our highly experienced professionals handle details of the overall process from investment strategy proposals to setting up funds, acquisition of investments, asset management prior to the expiration of management terms, and the disposition of investments in order to achieve investment success and to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients.

Investment banking business

In addition to primarily investing through our group’s funds, we also provide different types of advisory services by taking advantage over our expertise and network.

Real estate investments

With the goal of securing stable earnings, we retain carefully selected properties based on assessments made by our professionals. We primarily invest in properties that are not targeted for fund investments, but rather targeted towards commercial facilities, office buildings, and assets located in favorable locations for which stable, long-term rental income can be expected.

Other investments

We invest across a wide range of areas, including venture capital funds, debts, private equities, and overseas real estate funds, where we can apply the strengths of our group. We will continue to carefully invest while seeking to develop the investments as our source of income that is immune to the effects of the real estate market.

Corporateadvisory services

We harness a wide-ranging, advanced experts and personal network to provide a broad spectrum of advisory services, and strategies, to increase the corporate value of our clients such as M&A, capital tie-ups, and financing.

Facility operation (hospitality services)

With the aim of providing hospitality services in the medium to long term, First Brothers operates lodging and other facilities.